BEYOND THE BOOK is an initiative started in 2014 by AGENT FOX MEDIA LIMITED to allow publishers to fully embrace multimedia platforms as both extra revenue streams and marketing/publicity channels.
Although newspapers and magazines have successfully digitised their journals into iPad subscription models (mainly because their content can be updated in real time), books have traditionally contained static content which is far more seasonal, and this has led to any electronic formatting being mainly text led onto a Kindle with very little profit margin.

BEYOND THE BOOK shows publishers how a flagship title can become a brand identity - utilising live performance; art/photography exhibitions; Film; TV documentary or dramatisation; Apps; or even Gaming - to enhance the extra revenue opportunities and extend the sales life of the book itself.

These do not replace the digitisation of the original book but are designed to run in parallel with each format, bringing together the commissioning editors and marketing departments from the earliest stage possible in order to maximise the effectiveness of both sales figures and the associated publicity campaign.

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