The first sees us working closely with Lincolnshire based publishers CHRONOS PUBLISHING (a part of the FCM GROUP), and the second with the highly respected Global Content Providers WORLD HISTORY ARCHIVE. We shall also be representing the remarkable photographic content of the widely acclaimed BLAG MAGAZINE 

These are all major coups for AGENT FOX MEDIA, and we look forward to an enjoyable and fruitful journey ahead with every one of these new partnerships!

CHRONOS PUBLISHING has recently published the second (and updated) edition of our very popular NOT JUST GEORGE title, the autobiography of much loved actor JOHN LYONS. They shall also be working closely with us on a number of other books to be released later this year and in 2025. Further details will follow on this website as soon as we have established publishing dates.

​WORLD HISTORY ARCHIVE is a content agency with a unique collection of historical and cultural images taken from illustrations, paintings, publications and periodicals. It features the Desmond Morris Collection, the Ann Ronan Picture Library and the EdiMedia Art Archive.

BLAG MAGAZINE is owned and run by twin sisters Sarah and Sally Edwards, who have become incredibly well respected names in the music and film industries of the UK and US for their superb portrait photography and in depth interviews.